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Install, Sand & Finish Hardwood Floors

We install, sand and finish all species of new hardwood floors. This is unfinished hardwood, installed , sanded and finished on site. Hardwood floors are a "Timeless" investment. They never go out of style. They have been in fashion for hundreds of years in sophisticated homes. If you invest in hardwood flooring today, your floor will still be in style decades from now. The same cannot be said for vinyl, ceramic tile or carpet.  Hardwood flooring is versatile, long lasting and comes in a variety of types and finishes. 
Beckman Hardwood Floors, Inc. Services

Installation of Pre-Finished Flooring
Installation of high quality pre-finished wood flooring. 
We install high quality prefinished wood flooring provided by our suppliers.

Sanding & Refinishing Existing Wood Floors
There are many benefits to refinishing your hardwood floors.  Refinishing is easier to do than replacing floors in most instances.  It will increase the value of your home.  If you plan to sell your home, a  beautiful refinshed floor is attractive to potential buyers and will allow you to establish a higher price for your home. 

Also, consider recoating the finish of hardwood flooring that is not entirely worn as it can restore the beauty of your floor quickly and put off the necessity for a complete refinishing job.